1. Generate the code for the online booking calendar

  • From the navigation menu go to Settings > Online booking calendar

  • Go to the Share your calendar tab

  • Decide how you want to integrate your online booking calendar:

Landing page:

Choose the view that should be shown first when you call up the course calendar.
It is still possible to navigate to all views within the calendar, it is only the first view.
If you want to store filtered views of the course plan, take a closer look at the article linked here.


To integrate the calendar directly (without forwarding) to your website, choose "Embed on website"

Code Type:

Since Jimdo supports script codes, you can leave the recommended script code selected here.

2. Paste your widget code in Jimdo

  • Enter your Jimdo account

  • Click Edit to enter your Jimdo Creator website’s edit mode

  • Select the subpage where you want to integrate the booking tool

  • Choose the Widget/HTML Element to add it to your website

  • Paste the code that you've just copied from FitogramPro

  • Save and check the result.

Please note: for more information, please check the Jimdo Creator Help page.

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