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How can I terminate a current contract?
How can I terminate a current contract?

Terminate a customer's contract

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Terminating a contract is not a nice thing to do. Fortunately this can be done in a flash in FitogramPro.  

Sold contracts can easily be terminated in FitogramPro. However, it is important to observe the given termination period. Contracts cannot be terminated retroactively.

Terminating a current contract

When entering a termination, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the respective customer profile

  2. Under Active select the contract you wish to terminate

  3. Click on the three Dots > Terminate on the right

  4. Click on the date from which the contract is to be terminated*.

  5. (Optional) Enter further information and, if necessary, the termination fees.

  6. Decide whether all bookings should be cancelled after the contract has ended.

  7. Click on "Confirm".

*The date which applies after the contract has been terminated is marked as the preselected date.

You have the option to add the following extra information:

  • Reason for termination: e.g. moving house

  • Termination received: when the termination notice was received

  • Termination fee: Demand a termination fee if the contract has been terminated prematurely, for example.

This additional information can be found in the contract details. You can access this information by clicking on the three Dots > Product details in the productline on the right.

If you want to reverse this termination, you can find out how to do this in FitogramPro here.

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