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How do I customize contracts individually?
How do I customize contracts individually?

Customize Contracts

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If you have already sold a contract, you can still modify settings or make changes to it at any time, as long as no invoice has been created. Find out how to do this in this article.

Customise general settings

Contracts can be customised in the respective customer’s profile. You can either search for the customer via "Customers" in the menu or use the general search bar at the top right to search for the customer.

Now select the contract on the customer’s page and click on the three dots on the right to select "Product details".

A new pop-up window opens:

Here you can revise almost every setting you created when you set up the contract. For example, you can change the minimum term or start date individually.

Important: You cannot change the fileds "Contract frequency", "Expiration date", "Cancellation period" or "Automatic extension" afterwards.
However, you can still change the start date. If you change it, the transactions will then also be adjusted automatically in the product's transaction overview.

Adjust the details of a monthly fee

Sometimes it may happen that you don't want to make general changes to the product but just want to adjust the monthly fee. This can, of course, also be done in FitogramPro.

To do this, click on the respective contract in the customer profile and click on the small arrow at the bottom right of the transaction overview next to the amount you wish to change.

The option to "Edit" will appear. A new pop-up window will open when you click on this, in which you can edit the individual amount or "Transaction".

Warning: The "Transaction date" field cannot be changed manually afterwards.


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