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How do I add/remove credits for a customer?
How do I add/remove credits for a customer?

Add or Remove credits from a credit pass of a customer

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The removal of credits from points cards is completely automatic, but credits sometimes have to be added as a gesture of goodwill or removed for other reasons. This article will tell you exactly how all this works.

Method 1:

Search for the customer in the search bar and then click on his credit card.
By clicking on the thee dots on the right side you can choose either "+1 Credit" or "-1 Credit" , which adds or subtracts one credit at a time.

Method 2:

Click on the customer’s product.

Click on the three dots on the right and selects "Product details".

Here you can manually edit the total number of credits available on the card.

Warning: Changes to the credits initially only affect the available credits. They do not automatically change the price. If you add a credit, however, you have the option of charging additional fees for this credit.

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