A "course" in FitogramPro means a closed course. There is a planned start and end date and a start is not necessarily possible at any time. An example would be a 12-week marathon preparation course, where a later start is not recommended because the difficulty level increases every week.

To create a new class in FitogramPro, click on the big "+" in the upper right corner and select the option "New event".

Step 1: Edit event

A new pop-up window will open in which you can now enter all necessary event details. First of all, select "Course" as the event type.

Now you can add the name, the status (public or private course), the colour, the trainer, the location, as well as a suitable description.

Step 2: Event schedule

The next step is to enter when this course will take place. You do this in the "Event schedule" by clicking on "Add another series or an event".

Here you can now enter the repetition of the event (under Repeat), the Event start date and, if applicable, End date, as well as the Time at which this event takes place.

Example: The marathon training takes place over a period of 12 weeks on Mondays from 18:30 to 20:00 and starts on 26.07.2018.

Note: If this course also takes place on another day of the week, e.g. on Tuesdays at 08:00, you do not have to create a second course, but can select a "Add another series or an event" again and click on a Tuesday as the start date.

Step 3: Booking details

Under "Booking details" you can now define the general conditions for your newly created event. Here you can read which options are available to you.

Step 4: Booking rules

In the "Booking rules" section you can also assign this course to the appropriate booking group so that it is linked to the correct products. A detailed explanation of the booking rules can be found here.

Note: If you want to charge a total price for your course and do not want to use a credit pass, for example, you also have the option to create a course/workshop product specifically for this closed course. 

With a last click on the button "Confirm", the changes are saved. The newly created workshop will now also be visible under Events on the menu.

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