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How do I change a customer’s email address?
How do I change a customer’s email address?

Remove a customer's old email address and add their new one

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Has the email address of an existing customer changed? No problem! We'll show you what to do to make sure that your customer stays connected to the online booking system.

A customer’s email address is the unique identifier in FitogramPro. An email address must therefore only be used once. With this email address, customers can connect to your online booking system.

If an existing customer is already connected to your online booking system and would like to use a different email address, you must do the following to ensure that the customer is still connected to their profile:

  1. Go to the respective customer's profile by using the general search bar

  2. Click on Options > Edit Customer in the top right corner

  3. Under Online Booking Calender click on Seperate.

  4. Click on Confirm seperation.

  5. Under Basic information change the e-mail address.

  6. Then click on Send online invitation under Online Booking Calendar.

  7. Click on Confirm.

As soon as your customer has reconnected to the online booking system, they can log in as usual with their new email address and continue to see any of the products they have purchased and any bookings they have made.

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