Reason for duplicate customers in FitogramPro

  • The customer was created manually twice. This can happen if, for example, two trainers create the new customer in parallel.
  • The first customer profile was stored in the system without an email address. The second customer profile was created from the customer site by registering the customer’s email address via the online booking system. Since the email address is the unique identifier, the customer could not be assigned to the profile without an email address.
  • The same customer has either registered themselves with two different email addresses or was registered by you with two different e-mail addresses in FitogramPro.

Avoiding duplicate customers

To avoid duplicate customer profiles, you should use the general search bar at the top right to search for the name before creating a new customer profile. This way you can make sure that this customer does not already exist in FitogramPro.

When creating the customer’s profile, also make sure that you enter their current email address if you already know it.

Merging duplicate customers

If both customer profiles already contain data such as bookings, these can be combined using the "Merge customers" function.

This function copies all attached the data of customer A to customer B and then deletes customer A. The copied data includes all bookings, shopping baskets, credit passes, contracts, and invoices. However, the customer’s key data is not copied - this includes the first and last name, as well as the email address and the address. These are now taken from customer B and can also be edited in this profile.

To connect the customers, go to the customer profile you want to delete. This should always be the profile whose email address is not yet connected to the FitogramPro online booking system. Otherwise the customer will have to register there again.

Now click on the small arrow next to the button "Details/edit" in the upper right corner and select the option "Merge customers".

A new pop-up window will open. Here you can enter the customer to whom the data should be transferred in the lower field. Then click on "Confirm" to save the change.

Now your customer will only appear once in FitogramPro.

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