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How do I invite customers to FitogramPro?
How do I invite customers to FitogramPro?

Send a customer an invite to book online.

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Your customers have the possibility to create a Fitogram account and easily manage their bookings and purchases online.

Invite existing customers

  1. Open the profile of the respective customer.

  2. Click on the button Send online invitation.

  3. The system automatically sends an invitation e-mail.   

I do not see an "Invitation Button"

If you don't see an invitation button in a customer's profile, it is because the person is already connected to the online booking system.

So you don't need to do anything here. The customer can simply log in with his registration data.

If he should ever forget his password, it can be easily reset. You can find out how it works here.

Check whether a customer is already registered

  1. Open the corresponding customer profile.

  2. Click on Options > Edit customers at the top right

  3. An editing window opens.

  4. In the Online Booking Calendar section you can see whether and since when the customer has been registered.

Good to know

  • The only condition for inviting a customer is that his e-mail address is already saved in FitogramPro.

  • You can edit the text of the invitation email in Settings > Notifications.

  • Check when the invitation was sent by clicking on the Notifications button in the customer profile.

  • If the customer has accidentally deleted the email or has not received it for some reason, you can send another invitation by clicking on the Invite again button.

  • If the customer has active products, they will be available to them as soon as his accepts the invitation and confirms his registration.

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