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How do I edit a booking series of a customer?
How do I edit a booking series of a customer?

Edit and/or cancel a booking series

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Booking series are a great solution for regular participants. They can, of course, be edited or cancelled as well if the participant's reliability starts to fade or they wish to change course.

Edit/cancel booking series

Booking series can be ended at any time. Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the respective customer profile 

  2. Click on the product which contains the booking series

  3. The existing booking series is now displayed above the transaction overview

  4. Click on "Cancel" on the right next to the booking series

  5. Select the date from when the booking series should be stopped

  6. Click on "Apply"

All bookings already made for after the cancellation date will be cancelled.

⚠️ WARNING: Cancelled units cannot be rebooked with a booking series.

If necessary, a new booking series can be created afterwards. Learn how to do that here.

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