By creating your products, you have already completed a large part of the set-up process. The following three videos deal with creating your classes, courses, workshops etc.

Here's a brief overview of when to use which type of event:

You use “classes” when creating an ongoing event that takes place e.g. every week and where no end date is currently planned.

You use a “course” when you create an event with a specific start and end date. For example, it could be a closed course that runs for 8 weeks.

You can use a “workshop” if you want to create a one-day or several-day closed event.

You can use a “retreat” for a special form of closed course e.g. when planning a trip.

You can use “preventions”, for example, for health insurance courses.

You can use “appointments” to create individual appointments. Appointments mainly fall into the category of “personal training” or training that is limited to 1-2 people.

Open training
You use “open training” to register customers who want to train independently with you e.g. in the training space. For this type of event, you do not enter a trainer or the booking details.

You can find a detailed explanation of how to create these events in the following articles:




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