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All about the integration with bsports
All about the integration with bsports

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Written by Olimpia Hernandez
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Here you will find all the relevant information about the integration with bsports, these are the main topics:

Activation Process
Classes and bookings
Fitogram > bsports​

Functionalities 🚀

Which functionalities does the integration include?

  • The instant booking ⚡ function for Urban Sports Club members for your classes.

  • An import of your bsport schedule 🔄, and real-time updates to your Urban Sports Club class schedule.

Which functionalities does the integration NOT include?🚫

  • The check in overview for Urban Sports members will still only be visible in your Partner Portal.

  • You also won’t see Urban Sports invoices in your bsport profile.

  • Access Management is also not part of it.

Will my course description be transferred to Urban Sports Club? 📲
Yes, this information will be transferred to your Urban Sports Club profile.

Activation Process

How do I activate the Urban Sports Club <> bsport integration?

To activate the integration, you will have to go to your "subscription" tab in your Bsport account. There you find the "Add-on" Urban Sports Club. Activate it and Bsport and Urban Sports Club will initiate the remaining steps and confirm the activation once it's fully done.

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How long does it take until the integration is fully activated and usable?
Bsport and we aim to have your integration activated up to a maximum of 7 working days after we know of your integration wish. However, this is also dependent on which day and time of the day we receive your request and the details of our partnership.

Does Urban Sport Club charge me for the integration?
No, Urban Sports Club does not charge you for the integration. Bsport on the other hand will charge an integration fee. Please see the details in your bsport account.

Classes and bookings

What happens to my existing classes in Partner Portal and the bookings for these classes?
To avoid duplicated classes through the import of your bsport classes we will remove all existing classes in Partner Portal 🗓️🧹. The bookings of these classes will be deleted automatically. Urban Sports Club members can re-book the class after the import from bsport.

Can I change the start date, time, location, or late cancellation window of a class after it's been set up in bsport?

No, unfortunately, that's not possible within the bsport system. If you need to make changes to any of these details, you'll have to cancel the event and recreate it with the updated information. Members will be notified about the cancellation of the class.

Will my cancellation window at Urban Sports Club be taken from bsport? 🕒✨
Yes. The maximum cancellation window will still be 12 hours. Everything else is fine. Please note that you will need to set the cancellation window in your bsports account.

Are all of my bsport classes automatically being transferred to Urban Sports Club?
No, in your bsport settings you would need to activate the toggle: "Available on marketplaces".

Why can't I see all of my bsport classes on Urban Sports Club?

To ensure your bsport classes appear on Urban Sports Club, each class must be set to be available for Marketplaces, and the available spots for marketplaces cannot be set to 0.

I activated the integration, but Urban Sports Club members can’t book my classes. What can I do?

Please reach out via the Support Contact Form.

Fitogram > bsports

I have a Fitogram account, which I don’t need anymore after my bsport account is integrated with Urban Sports Club.
If you don’t need your Fitogram history anymore we can simply downgrade your account to a so-called “Partner Portal” account. Please note that having a Partner Portal account is a requirement to activate the bsport integration. You will receive all needed information in a separate email.

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