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All about the integration with Magicline
All about the integration with Magicline
Written by Olimpia Hernandez
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Check out the following article for the FAQs and answers about Magicline integration:

Activation and Magicline functions

How do I activate the Urban Sports Club <> Magicline integration?

Scroll to the bottom of this article to find the link to download the PDF file with the first steps guide.

How long does it take until the integration is fully activated and usable? ⏳📆

It will take us to get your integration up and running for up to 3 workdays, or sooner.

Do I have to pay for the integration? 🚫💰🔌

No, Urban Sports Club does not charge you for the integration with Magicline.

Which functionalities do the integration include✅?

1️⃣ Instant Booking 📆✨: Urban Sports Club members can now easily book your classes in an instant.

2️⃣ Magicline Schedule Import 🔄📅 : Say goodbye to manual updates! An import of your Magicline schedule to the Urban Sports Club app and website.

3️⃣ Real-Time Updates 🕒📢 : Keep your Urban Sports Club class schedule up-to-date in real-time, ensuring your members have updated schedules.

4️⃣ Access Management 🚪🔑: Manage access effortlessly with the built-in access management functionality.

Is the class description from Magicline visible in Urban Sports Club 📄?
Yes, it is imported and visible.


​📲 App/website Urban Sports Club:

I’m using Access Management for my members. Is that included in the integration functionalities?

Absolutely, you've got access to Access Management within the integration.

1️⃣ Assign ID-Medium: You can allocate an ID-Medium, such as an ID card or bracelet, to an Urban Sports Club member.

2️⃣ Member Profile Creation: After the first check-in by a member (once the integration is up and running), a member profile is automatically generated in your Magicline system.

3️⃣ ID-Medium Assignment: Just like with your regular members, you can associate the ID-Medium with the Urban Sports Club member.

4️⃣ Access Granted: When the Urban Sports Club member scans their ID-Medium, they gain access, provided they've successfully checked in using the Urban Sports QR code. 📲🚪

Which functionalities does the integration NOT include🚫?

The check-in overview remains exclusively accessible in your Partner Portal.

The invoicing tool is also available only through the Partner Portal.

Class management and scheduling

How do I manage classes in Magicline?

You will find all the instructions on the Magicline Help Pages.

I activated the integration but Urban Sports Club members can’t book my classes. What can I do?

Please make sure to add the contingent > Aggregators > Urban Sports Club to each class. This needs to be done in the “class” section in your Magicline.

Download the guide here:

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