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How to see all your events at once?
How to see all your events at once?

Via the events list you can easily access all your events!

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You can find all your active and inactive events in one, to quickly find what you are looking for.

To access the events list select ‘Event overview’ from the menu bar on the left hand side.


The event overview will open up. You will see three different columns:

  • Active: In this column, you can find all your currently active events. Meaning, events with planned dates in the future.

    By clicking on the 3 dots at the end of each line where there is a course, you can edit the active event group or end it

  • Inactive: Here, you can find all your inactive events. An event is inactive as soon as it doesn’t have any future dates planned.

    By clicking on the 3 dots at the end of each line where there is a course, you can edit the inactive event group or delete completely the course and it disapears from your event overview and your Partner Portal account.

  • All: In this list, you can find all events, active and inactive, with their respective options depending on the status of the course activ / inactiv.

Each event is shown with the name, the event category when the next event will take place, who the trainer is, and the location of the event

Depending on how many events you have created, you can jump to the next page at the bottom of the page.


By using the filter function, you can easily filter your event list. Select the button “Filter” in the right corner and you can filter either by sport category, choose your trainer, location, or if the course is public or private. By selecting the category it will open up in a drop-down and you can select the filter. When done, select “Apply” to apply the filter.

You can as well filter by dates or name (like in a excel sheet :-) )

Add a new event group

On the top right button, you can click on Add to add a new class directly from the event overview

In case you have any questions left and if you want to contact us, please use the Chat button on the bottom left corner of your Partner Portal.

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