In the mobile version, the procedure of adding a product to a customer is different compared to the desktop version. Here we will show you how you can assign a specific product to a specific customer.

  1. Open an event to which you wish to add a customer into, click on 'Add Customer' and select the customer you want to assign a product. Then click on the blue button 'Confirm Booking'.

  2. You will be directed to the event page on which you can see the attendants. Click on the three vertical dots close to the customer's name and select the option 'Add Product'.

  3. On the new window, select the product you want to assign to this customer and the payment method. Then click the blue button 'Add Product'.

Done! The customer now has the product and can use it to book your classes.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer care team. We are happy to help!

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