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How can I create a new event in the mobile version?
How can I create a new event in the mobile version?

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Get to know how you can create new events in the mobile version.

Go to the menu and select 'Schedule'. Then, select the blue button "+ New Event".

Select the event type.

The differences between the event types are explained here.

In the following you will see the menu for creating an event:

Start with „General“

  1. Define the title of your event.

  2. Select the responsible trainer and confirm with "Done".

  3. Select the location of the event and confirm with "Done".

  4. Under "Seats" enter the maximum number of participants for your event.

  5. Now set the status of the event. Select "Public" if you want to display the event in your online course calendar. However, if you do not want the event to be visible for the public, but only in the calendar view of your account, then select "Private" (the event is not visible to customers).

  6. Decide whether you want to broadcast the event as a livestream.


Here you can upload a picture, insert the description of your event and define the event and sport category.

In the description you can enter all relevant information for the customer. The description will be visible online.


Set the schedule of the appointment. To do this, click on "Add slot".

Here you can set the time, the start and end date and the repetition frequency of the event.

Do you offer the same course on other days at different times? Then you can add another "slot", you don't have to create a new appointment.


In the last step, you can define the booking details and any integration. You can also set the requirements for cancellations, waiting list and booking window.

Please note: Enabling the waiting list and booking window function is possibly with our premium packages for FitogramPro.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer care team. We are happy to help!

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