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01.02.2022 - Promo codes
01.02.2022 - Promo codes
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We released promo codes feature on 01.02.2022.

The creation of discount codes is currently only available in the mobile version. Open the mobile version here.

What do the different tabs mean?

What do the different sections mean?

  • 'All' gives you an overview of all your promo codes in one list.

  • 'Active' gives you an overview of all active promo codes that currently can be used and redeemed.

  • 'Scheduled' shows all codes that will become active on a defined date.

  • 'Expired' lists all codes that can not be used and redeemed any more.

Good to know: Promo codes can only be used on credit passes.

Please note that this discount-feature is only available with FitogramPro's M and L packages.

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