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Promo Codes

How to set up and use Promo Codes

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You're wanting to give out promo codes with a certain discount to your customers? Here we will show you how!

Please note: The creation of promo codes currently is only available on the mobile version of Fitogram! Find out more information about the mobile version here.

Where do I find my promo codes?

When selecting 'promotions' via the menu you will be forwarded to the promo codes overview.

What do the different sections mean?

  • 'All' gives you an overview of all your promo codes in one list.

  • 'Active' gives you an overview of all active promo codes that currently can be used and redeemed.

  • 'Scheduled' shows all codes that will become active on a defined date.

  • 'Expired' lists all codes that can not be used and redeemed anymore.

How do I create a new promo code?

  1. Click on the '+' or ' + Add Promo Code' to create a new promo code.

  2. Choose if you want to offer a discount in percentage (%) or a fixed amount (€), e.g. 10,00€ off your next purchase or 10% off on all credit passes for the next 6 months.

  3. You can choose to restrict the promo code to certain products

  4. In the next step limit the total number of uses and make sure customers don't reuse codes multiple times, if desired. E.g. 'Hurry up: The first 100 customers get 50% off the next purchase'

  5. Now set the time range in which the code can be redeemed

  6. When giving out the promo code, your customers can add the code on the booking tool

Good to know: Promo codes can be applied to credit passes only.

Please note, that promo codes are available with the M and L package of FitogramPro.

If you have any further questions please reach out to our customer care team via the chat. We are happy help!

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