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How can I edit my classes / free training later on?
How can I edit my classes / free training later on?
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I want to make changes to a specific class on a certain date and time

In this case, click on the corresponding class. On the window that opens, click in the upper right corner on Options then Edit to change your class:

You can now edit the single class on this specific day and time only. Other classes that are associated with that event series are not changed:

In a specific class you can change:

  • Number of spots available

  • The schedule: the day and time of the class

  • Name of the class

  • Trainer (this information will not be available on Urban Sports Club website and app.)

Don't forget to save your changes. Any other change that you want to pursue can only be edited for a whole event series, affecting all classes of that group.

I want to change all recurring events of a specific event series

If you for instance want to change all your classes of a given group at once, please follow the steps explained above. Secondly, press on the bottom in the lower right corner to get to the event series settings:

Now you can adjust any changes that you want to make, i.e. change your schedule. Don't forget to save your settings.

I would like to change my cancellation window

  • What is a cancellation window?

The cancellation window is the period, in which a member is allowed to cancel their attendance in your class without consequences

When you edit your event group and go to settings, you can specify up to how many hours before the start of the course or appointment Urban Sports Club members can still cancel their booking without the visit being deducted from the members attendance limits.

In order to further simplify the booking process and improve the member experience, we have decided to set the maximum cancellation window to 12 hours before class start.

This will ensure more consistency, fewer no-shows, and alignment.

It is still possible to set your cancellation window to less than 12 hours. Therefore when you are creating a new class you can set the cancellation window from 1-12 hours

Important: If you are using Fitogram to manage your own customers, the cancellation period will only be changed for your Urban Sports Club members.

In case you have any questions left and if you want to contact us, please use the Chat button in the bottom left corner of your Partner Portal.

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