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How can I create an Individual Apple Developer Account?
How can I create an Individual Apple Developer Account?
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  1. Register with Apple

Open the Apple Developer Website and click on Account in the top left to register your Developer Account.

1.1 Create an Apple ID for your Developer Account

Your Apple developer account will be linked to an Apple ID. Even if you already have your own Apple ID, we recommend that you create a new account for your app release for security reasons. Click here on Create Apple ID.

If you want to use your current Apple ID, you can proceed to Step 2.

In the case of sole proprietorship, the Apple ID must also be in the name of the registered person.

1.2 Register with Apple
Fill in the form below and complete the registration.

2. An iOS device is needed to join the Apple Developer Program

In order to join the Apple Developer Program, you will have to add one of your trusted Apple devices. If you have already done this then go to step 2.3.

2.1 Adding a MacBook as a trusted device

Go to System Preferences on your MacBook and select iCloud from the pop-up window.

Now you will have to log in using your Apple ID credentials and add an additional phone number in order to verify your login.

Enter the received verification code and Apple ID password in the iCloud window – you will have to log in once again using your Apple ID.

Then only mark the Use Find My Mac option, then click on the blue Next button and then Allow.

In order to save this setting, you will have to log in as your MacBook’s Administrator and then click the blue Allow button.

2.2 Adding an iPhone/iPad as a trusted device

Go to Settings on your iPhone, choose Sign in to your Phone and log in using your Apple ID.

Agree to the terms and conditions and go back to the main settings and choose Two Factor Authentication.

Then you will have to verify your Apple ID. Click Continue on the verification mode and answer the security questions you set during the Apple ID setup. The next step is to add the phone number to verify Two-Factor Authentication via SMS code.

Then wait a minute and finally log in to your Apple ID once more.

2.3 Login to Apple Developer

To publish your apps in the store, you need iOS enrollment for the Apple App Store. After you have logged in, click on Join Apple Developer Program below.

2.4 Registration

Individuals who run their company as a sole proprietor must create an individual account.

Then you will see the screen where you can check the correctness of provided data and click Continue. You will see your enrollment ID and an Apple representative will contact you in order to verify your provided data.

Creating a Developer Account costs 99 US dollars per year. Complete the registration of your developer account by paying. Please note that only a valid credit card is required. Apple accepts payment in 48 hours max.

In the next step, you will be sent the following order link to end the Enrollment.

3. iTunes Connect Invitation

Send an invitation to the App Store
Sign in to iTunes Connect and select Users and Access.

Click on the + button and fill in the form using the following data:

First Name: AppYourself Support

Last Name: AppYourself Support

Under Roles you select Admin (Administrator)

Developer Resources
Tick the Access to Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles checkbox and click on Invite.

For the submission of an app with an Individual Apple Developer Account you also need an "app-specific password".

This can be created relatively fast.
Log in on the page of your Apple-ID-Account.

In the menu of "Safety" click on "app-specific password" and on "create password".

As a name you can use e.g. "My app".

The password that is now shown to you, can be entered in the app dashboard within Publish > iOS > Step 3.3

Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, you can insert all relevant information in your app dashboard in Publish > iOS.

Step 3: Syncing your Apple Developer Account

After the creation of your developer account it is needed that you connect and sync the data with your app dashboard (where you create your app). Open the app dashboard parallel to your apple developer account.

Step 3.1: iTunes Team Name

For the team name you log in with your Apple Team ID in the Developer Console. After that you click on Membership and check your Team Name.

This name is generated automatically by Apple. The team name that is shown there needs to be entered on the app dashboard.

Click on Publish -> iOS and step 3.1. to do that. In the iTunes Team name field you now enter the team name you see on Apple.

Step 3.2: Apple Team ID

Next it's needed that you check your Team ID. Click on Membership as well and check the Team ID.

Now you enter the shown Team ID in your App dashboard in Step 3.2. in the field Apple Team ID.

Now you fill in the rest of your submission data and you are ready to go for the submission to the Apple app store.

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