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Which modules can I add to my app?
Which modules can I add to my app?

You can add several different modules to your app to customise your app as much as you would like to.

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In the following you will find an overview of all modules that you can add to your app and how you can use them.



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With the Fitogram module you can add your own booking tool directly in the app. In the default version of the app this is already added.
You can change the pages that are shown if you would like to.


Your personal contact details find their place here. In addition to the company name and logo, you can specify how customers can best reach you.

Via the one-click function, you can set up a call directly from the app.


Even an app needs forms! Create enquiries or queries for the most diverse concerns!


Do you want customers to find you quickly and easily?

With the built-in navigation function, customers can directly select the best route and navigate to you. This makes it almost impossible to get lost!


Contact form, price or product enquiry? General enquiries that customers can use to get in touch quickly can be provided with this form. You can also store and query individual form fields here.

Business hours

You can set your individual opening hours. You can automatically adopt the same opening hours for all days or set different opening hours for certain days. You can also specify closing times.


Invoices, orders or contracts: with the document scanner, your users can easily send documents to the right contacts.
App users simply scan the document to be sent, select their desired recipient, and the document can be sent.


The text and image module offers you plenty of scope to include your own texts and images in the app.

Similar to a writing programme, you can edit texts individually with the editor and even integrate HTML code into the module.


A photo says more than 1000 words! Great moments from company events, workshops or excursions? You can present all this and much more in the app. You can choose from three different display options so that your photos and images are shown to their best advantage.


You can make documents and records available to your app users as PDFs. You can give each PDF a name and a description. This way, app users know directly which PDF they need.


App users should be redirected from the app to your website? No problem, you can achieve this with the website module.


Feedback is always welcome! Find out how satisfied your customers were with your events. With the feedback template, you have suitable form fields with which you can ask exactly that.


Share news and information with your fans directly in the app. App users are always up to date. To achieve this, simply connect your Facebook page with the Facebook module. Enter the name of your Facebook page and all your posts will also appear in your app.


The Twitter module shows all your tweets directly in the app so that your app users are always up-to-date. Simply enter your Twitter name, e.g. @mycompany and your Twitter account is already linked to the app! Your existing and new tweets are then displayed chronologically in the app.

RSS Feed

The RSS feed is a news subscription that informs your app users about new articles and reports. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. If you already have your own, you can easily integrate it into your app. To do so, enter the URL of the RSS feed.


Facebook, Twitter and the RSS feed: all in one place! In the Newscenter you can display the news from these three channels. Or you can create your own news items that appear in the News Centre. Optionally, you can also send your own news immediately to all app users as a push message.

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