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We explain the dashboard with the data about your booking calendar

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Here you can find all the numbers for your booking calendar.

As on all other dashboards, you will find at the top:

  • Filter options

  • "Jump to" to quickly change to the next dashboard

  • A link to the help center

  • The set period for which the data will be displayed


In the overview, you will find the following data per week:

  • Number of visitors who have viewed the booking calendar

  • Number of users who have seen the booking confirmation window. So this is the number of customers who have booked a course.

  • The conversion rate: This shows you the percentage conversion of visitors to customers. How many of the visitors of the site have booked a course.

Tip: You can use the filter to change the period from week to day, month or year.

Booking calendar insights

Here you get deeper insights into the behavior of visitors and customers on your booking calendar.

  • Funnel: The funnel shows you how many visitors have looked at the booking calendar, how many of them have clicked on a course to view the details, and in turn how many have then booked the course.

  • Number of users who have shared an event


Here you can see where the visitors of your booking calendar come from. How did they come to your site? Did you promote your calendar on Facebook? Then you can see here how many of them have opened the booking calendar.

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