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We explain the dashboard with the data about your products

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Here you can find all the numbers about your products.

As on all other dashboards, you will find at the top:

  • Filter options

  • "Jump to" to quickly switch to the next dashboard

  • A link to the help center

  • The set period for which the data will be shown

The performance of your products

Here you can see which of your products have the most bookings and the most customers, and vice versa, which products have the fewest bookings and customers. Also, the average visits per customer for each product are displayed.

Tip: Look for contracts with higher than average visits, do your costs already exceed your income?

You don't use our new reports yet and are curious how they would look like for you? We'll show you everything in a personal conversation!

If you have any questions or problems, just contact our Customer Care Team via chat.

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