Here you can find all the numbers for your events.

As on all other dashboards, you will find at the top:

  • Filter options

  • "Jump to" to quickly switch to the next dashboard

  • A link to the help center

  • The set period for which the data will be displayed


Here you can find the numbers of your events that took place in the set period.

  • Number of event groups

  • Number of single events

  • Weighting of online and on-site events

  • Popularity of events per weekday

Detailed insights into the popularity of the events

Here you can see which day had the most events, bookings and customers. You can also see which day has the most average visits per event and per customer.

n the example you can see that although Tuesday is the day with the most customers and events, Monday has the most visits per customer and Thursday has the most visits per event. Time to act.


Here you can find the percentage attendance in total, as well as the attendance per weekday and per time of day. When are most customers absent?

Event bookings

Here you can find answers to the questions:

  • Which event groups have the most bookings or cancellations?

  • Which single events have the most bookings?

Popularity of event groups

  • Number of events

  • Number of customers

  • Number of bookings

  • Average planned seats per event

  • Average visits per event

  • Percentage of seats occupied

  • Average visits per customer

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