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The reports home page
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On the home page, you'll find key metrics about your studio's performance, access to the respective dashboards, and documents in case of questions or problems.

Numbers of the last 7 days

  • Bookings

  • Customers

  • Incoming payments

  • Visitors to your course calendar

  • Percentage change compared to the previous 7 days

Access to the different areas

  • Bookings

  • Events

  • Customers

  • Trainers

  • Products

  • Booking calendar

  • Peer Performance

  • Revenue

Helpful documents

  • Your first steps

  • Know your data

  • Opportunities and inspirations

  • News & updates

Tips and tricks

Use the filters correctly

Dashboards often have a filter that determines the number of days to include. By clicking on the "Filter" section, you can see this filter:

Then you can change the filter selection as you wish using the drop-down menus:

In this process, you can now filter the reports by the start time of events or the time of bookings:

When all filters are set according to your wishes, click Run. The data will now be updated according to the set filters. You can find this button in the upper right corner.

You can find an overview of all filter here.

Break down a dashboard

We offer you the possibility to get more detailed information about a data point by breaking down the visualization of a tile. Just click on the part of the visualization you want to learn more about.

When you click on each element, you can select which type of breakdown to perform. In the example below, we click on the Female element of the customer by gender ring diagram. You now have two options. You can show row-level data for all female customers, or filter the visualization by female customers only.

You will then see the details window for these 595 female customers. For records whose row limit has been reached in the Details window, there is a link to download the full set of results. Click the download results button in the upper right corner to download the data.

Please note that this is not possible with all dashboards.

If you have any questions or problems, just contact our Customer Care Team via chat.

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