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Zoom Integration FAQ

The most asked questions regarding Zoom integration

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Can I link multiple Zoom accounts to my Fitogram account?

Unfortunately not. You can always only link one Zoom account to one FitogramPro account.

Once I have linked my FitogramPro account to my Zoom account, can I change the Zoom account again later?

Yes, you can disconnect the Zoom account and connect a new zoom account. If you do so please be aware, that all already created zoom links and meetings will be deleted and need to be set up again with the new zoom account.

I would like to use links from other platforms (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo) for selected courses that do not run via the Zoom integration, is that possible?

Yes, that's possible! With each class you can choose, whether you want the Zoom integration to automatically create and send the links and meetings, or whether you want to add them manually for specific classes.

If the Zoom link was created, but no customer booked the class, will the Zoom Link be sent out anyway?

No. Zoom links are only sent out, if the class was booked and only to customers, who have booked the class.

I need to send out the link to my trainers and colleagues, before the link is generated 42 hours beforehand. Is that possible?

Yes it is! In order to do so, log into your Zoom account and access the link there. 48 hours before the class the link will automatically be transferred to FitogramPro and sent out to the participants.

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