In order for your videos to appear on the Home Sports Club Platform, you will need to first head over to FitogramPro.

If you haven’t already set up your Integration between Fitogram and Urban Sports Club, go to the Integrations page , which can be found on the Button of the Menu Bar on the left Side of Fitogram, to set it up. Click next to the Urban Sports Club Symbol on ‘Add Integration’ and follow the steps.

Once the Urban Sports Club Integration is set up, return once more to the Integrations page and activate the Video on Demand integration, simply clicking on ‘Add Integration’ next to the Video on Demand Symbol and the Integration will be activated immediately.

You are now ready to upload your first video! 🎉🎉🎉

Click on ’Upload Video’ and the upload form will open.

There are now a few important steps to make sure that your Video arrives at Urban Sports Club in the best possible format

1. Add your Video name in max 50 characters.

  • Choose a title that is easy to understand. If your course is taught in another language, such as English, add that information.

  • There is no need to include "Online" or "Video on Demand" in the title.

  • A good example of a course title would be: "Vinyasa Yoga - Advanced" or "Functional Training Level 1 (English)".

2. Drag and drop or choose a file to upload and wait. Your file name should appear.

3. If you would like your Video to appear immediately, set the Online Status to ‘Online’. You can also schedule a video for a future release date or upload a video and leave it in the ‘unpublished’ state if you do not yet have a fixed release date.

4. Click ’yes’ to send your Video to Urban Sports Club. The Video will be sent as soon as the status changes to ‘Online’.

In the ‘Video Description’ Section of the upload form, please:

  1. Choose 1 or more Trainers from the dropdown. If you cannot see the name of your trainer please use the blue plus button to add a new trainer.

  2. Use the drop down menu to choose your category (note this is the category your video will appear under in the Video on Demand library so choose carefully!)

  3. Select the language of your Video and also add a description of your Video in the language of the Video and in English. You can use the drop down menu in the top right of the description box to enter descriptions in multiple languages using the same form.

Now after you entered all necessary information, it is time to upload it.

If it is your first time uploading a Video for Home Sports Club, you need to accept the T&Cs. Please check the checkbox and click on ‘Upload’ to confirm and start the uploading process.

⚠️⚠️Please do not close Fitogram during the upload⚠️⚠️. By minimizing the upload modal you can continue working in Fitogram while it is still processing.

For the best possible Visualization it is recommended to also upload a photo and details of your trainer by going to Settings → Resource Management → Trainers.

🎉🎉🎉DONE 🎉🎉🎉

Urban Sports Club Members are now able to book our Video on Demand Class.

Important to keep in mind

Video requirements:

  • Minimum resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels

  • Video format: all video formats accepted

  • Video length: At least 80% of the videos uploaded to the platform must have a duration of 45 or more minutes.

  • Number of videos -> Every month: 4-10 new videos (to be uploaded until the end of the previous month)

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