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How can I unlock and use the new notifications?
How can I unlock and use the new notifications?
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As part of the further Product Development, we have changed the design of the notification Emails sent from FitogramPro. These have been given a revamped and more modern design to improve your customers' experience when booking classes at your gym. They are also easier to customize.

Here's a sneak peek of how they'll look.

The Notifications themselves will be sent from [email protected] from now on for technical reasons. However, when your clients reply to this email, it will be forwarded directly to your Studio Email.

Where will you find the notifications now?

The templates are still stored under Settings -> Notifications and can be edited there.

What does this mean for you?

You will be able to see and jump between both the old and new Notification Templates. The old Templates can still be used as long as the new ones are not saved by you yet.

⚠️⚠️IMPORTANT!!!⚠️⚠️ Only the new templates can be edited and must be saved individually for each language and template.

Once the new Template has been saved, it will be sent out and there is no way to send the old one again. However, you will still see the text of the old one and it can be copied into the new template.

A short message will also pop up reminding you that when you save the changes, you will no longer have the option to use the old templates.

If you want to unlock the new Templates, you need to upgrade to the respective Package (at least the S package). You can upgrade at any time under Settings -> Your FitogramPro Account -> Your FitogramPro Package -> Update Subscription.

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