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Sharing classes with OneFit

Why are my classes not visible on OneFit?

There could be a couple of reasons why your classes are not showing up on the OneFit schedule.

  1. The OneFit integration needs to be active. Please check if this is the case by going to 'Integrations'.

  2. You need to select the class that you want to share with OneFit. This can be done by going to 'Integrations'> 'OneFit'> 'Manage Settings'.

  3. The class needs to have a valid location in order to be shared with OneFit.

How do I choose which classes I want to share with OneFit?

Go to 'Integrations' and click on 'Manage settings' next to the OneFit integration. Here you will find an overview of your different classes and you can decide which ones to send to OneFit by ticking the box. Please also make sure that all your classes have the right location set. Once you marked all classes, please click on 'continue' and on 'connect' in the next window to save your changes.

How do I limit the amount of OneFit participants for a class?

In order to limit OneFit participants you will need to make two separate events: One for OneFit members and one for your own members. When making the OneFit event, limit the amount of participants to the desired number and make sure that you share this class with OneFit (as described in the previous questions) and that you do not share your class for your own members with OneFit.

When will my classes be visible on my OneFit schedule?

The classes will be synched and visible in the OneFit schedule 14 days in advance of the class. Newly added classes within the next 14 days are instantly (5-10 min loading time) visible on your OneFit schedule.

What cancellation window applies for OneFit members?

The cancellation policy of OneFit applies for OneFit members, which can differ between 2 to 8 hours before the start of a class.

Basic Settings

Where can I see the payments from OneFit in FitogramPro?

Due to privacy regulations, OneFit does not share their financial data with us and vice versa. Therefore, in the sales list under 'Accounting'> 'Sales', all OneFit payments will show a €0 payment.

How do I add a class?

Go to 'Events' >'New events'. In the pop up you can fill out all of the details of your event. Make sure that the 'Event Name' is filled in, otherwise you will not be able to confirm your class.

How do I cancel a class?

Click on the event you want to cancel. If you want to cancel a single class, go to 'Event options'> 'Cancel event'. Then click on 'Event options' again and choose 'Delete event'. If you want to cancel the complete series of classes, go to 'Event Group Options'> 'Archive Event group'.

How do I add different locations to my class?

Go to ‘Settings’> ‘Resource management’> ‘Locations’. Click on ‘Add new location’ and enter the name of your location and a valid address. When you create or edit an event you can then choose this location in the drop-down menu under the location section.

How do I add another trainer?

Go to ‘Settings’> ‘Resource Management’> ’Trainers’. Click on ‘Add a new trainer’. Click on 'Confirm' after filling in the trainer's details. When you create or edit an event, you can now select that trainer from the drop-down menu in the trainer section of the event.

How do I turn off my email notifications?

Go to ‘Settings’> ‘Your FitogramPro Account’> ‘Admins’ and click on 'Details' next to your name. Here you can make the choice which emails you want to receive. After making your choice, click on 'Confirm' to save your changes.

Where do I see more details on the paid packages of FitogramPro?

In order to see an overview of the paid packages as well as what is included in the free package, please click here https://www.fitogram.pro/nl/pricing/

I have multiple Fitogram accounts, can I use just one log in?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact our support team and we will set this up for you.

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