Video on Demand - Guide

6 steps to set up a video on demand solution with FitogramPro

Step 1: Create a new event in the top right corner “+”

  • Select the event type “Special Event”, choose a name and a trainer for your video on demand

  • For easier identification, name the event adequately

  • The class size can be set to any number and can be increased later on

  • Do you offer an online stream for this course? -> YES

  • We suggest: add all important information to the event description, so that your customers know where to find the link to the video.

  • In the “event schedule”, choose a non-recurring event on December 31st, 2021 from 23:58 to 23:59, and confirm the modifications afterwards.

Step 2: If necessary (if you charge a different price for video on demand than other classes i.e.) create a new product and link your new product to the video on demand event using the booking rules. Add all created events to the corresponding booking groups.

Step 3: Add the video link (and if necessary a password) to the event. Open an event, go to “Event Options” > “Edit Event”. Enable the video on demand link and enter the link into the corresponding field.

Step 4: Go to the notification settings to personalise the booking confirmation email (settings > notifications > booking).

  • Add the placeholder #videolink# to the template

  • Adapt the booking text based on your needs

The placeholder will be filled with the link that you added in step 3. The booking confirmation email to your customer should then look like this:

Step 5: Go to the settings section > Online Booking Calendar > Customize and check the box “Show event list page

Step 6: Check, if you have set up everything correctly. To see what it will look like for your customer, click on "Customer view" at the top of your FitogramPro account and go to "Event List". The link to the video on demand will be shown in the booking confirmation mail in the location details. This is how the setup should look like:

Your Event List:

Your Event Page:

If you have any questions or problems with the setup, please contact us at [email protected].

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