Create a voucher

  1. Click on Products in the menu bar.
  2. Edit an existing product or create a new product.
  3. Under Payment settings select "Yes" for "Can be sold as voucher?".
  4. Click on Confirm.

Note: This product can now be sold as a Credit Pass or as a Voucher. To sell as a Credit Pass, follow the normal sale flow.

Sell a voucher online

To ensure that your customers can buy and redeem this voucher on the Booking Tool, you will need to make sure that you are displaying the ‘Offers’ page.

  1. Go to Settings > Online Booking Calendar > Customize.
  2. Under Modify Booking Tool pages check the checkbox for Add offers page.
  3. Your customers can now buy vouchers directly from the Offers page in your Booking Tool:

4. Your customer will be able to complete the checkout process as normal.

5. The code will be sent to the customer via email.

Redeem voucher online

On the Offers page of your Booking Tool, the customer who will receive the Credit Pass is also able to redeem the voucher by simply entering the code and clicking 'Apply Code':

Note: The customer must be logged in in order to redeem a code.


  • Only products with the product type Creditpass can be sold as a voucher.
  • Find out how to sell and redeem vouchers directly via FitogramPro here.
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