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Your First Steps in Fitolytics
Your First Steps in Fitolytics
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Welcome to the completely renewed view of all statistics and graphics of your studio.

This article is intended to give you an initial overview of the most important functions, options and numbers.

1. Overview

On the start page you can choose between the following areas:

Bookings contains figures and data on all bookings.

Events contains numbers and data about your events.

Customers contains numbers and data about your customers.

Trainers shows you numbers and date about your trainers individually and in general.

Products contains numbers and data on the products you have sold.

Booking Tool Insights contains numbers and data on the use of your booking calendar.

Revenue shows you figures and numbers regarding your revenue.

Peer Performance shows you numbers and data from the industry.

Take a look at each section to find all numbers and graphs!

2. Helpful Articles und Functions

How to get Started - Your instructions for an optimal usage of the reportings.

Know your performance - All dashboards and filters are explained in detail here.

Opportunities & Inspiration - Find numbers and insights you've never used before to improve your business.

News & Updates - An overview on all improvements and updates regarding the reportings.

Back - This button takes you back to the start page.

Help center - Here you are forwarded to the help center to solve questions or problems.

3. How to use Filters

Dashboards often have a filter that sets the number of days to consider. By clicking on the "Filters" section you can see this filter:

You can then use the dropdown menu to change the filter selection as you wish:

In this process you can now filter the reports according to the start time of events or the time of bookings:

When all filters have been set to your liking, click Run. The data will now be updated according to the filters set. You can find this button in the top right corner.

An overview of all filters can be found here.

4. How to Break Down a Dashboard

We offer the option of breaking down the visualisation of a tile to call up more detailed information about a data point. To do this, simply click on the part of the visualisation that you want to learn more about.

By clicking on the respective element, you can choose what kind of breakdown should be made. In the example below, we click on the "Female" element of the "Customer by Gender" donut chart. You now have two options. You can show data at row level for all female customers or filter the visualisation only for female customers.

You will then see the "Details" window for these 595 female customers. For records that have reached their row limit in the Details window, there is a link to download the full result set. Click the Download button in the top right and you will be forwarded to a new window. In this new window select "Advanced data options" and then in the section "Number of rows to include" select "All results". After you have set this up, click the blue Download button.

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