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How can I switch my Fitogram Profile from Online to Offline Classes?
How can I switch my Fitogram Profile from Online to Offline Classes?
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Step 1: Create all Locations that will be active in your Urban Sports Club Profile

As soon as your Urban Sports Club Profile will be switched from online to offline classes, all your locations (in case you have several different ones) will appear in the Urban Sports Club App. 

Please make sure that all of these are coherently added to your FitogramPro Profile. Here is an example:

More details on how to add locations in FitogramPro are described here

Step 2: Cancel Online Live Classes that you don’t want to offer anymore

Any live class that you don’t want to offer anymore once your studio is open again, needs to be cancelled in FitogramPro. 

You can simply cancel the event series. In case governmental restrictions change, and you need to go back to offering online classes, you can add new event series to your old event groups.

In case you want to offer both - online and onsite classes, please choose only one location where your Online Livestream sessions should be displayed. 

Step 3: Create New Classes that you host in your studio!

Your profile is now ready! You can create new classes that you want to host in your studio. Find out more in this article if you need further help.

Important to keep in mind!

  • Make sure that each class is associated with the right location when you create new classes. Once the class is created, the system does not allow you to change the location of a running event group. 

  • The Urban Sports Club integration only takes the cancellation window (NOT the refund window!) into consideration. 

Step 4: Check-in of your Participants

As soon as members go to your studio, you are obligated to use the Urban Sports Club QR-Code to check your members in.

Once the member scans the QR Code, FitogramPro will update the booking status to ‘present’ automatically.

Do you have any other questions? Just write to us in the chat!

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