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How do customers enter the online class?

30 minutes before the class starts, an email will be sent to every participant. This email includes the livestream link. If the customers clicks the link he will be directed to the online class and also marked as "present".

As an alternative, every participant can find the link to the online class in his customer profile. This link is available 15 minutes before the class starts. 

What should I do, when a customer did not receive the link to the event via email?

If a customer did not receive the link via email, he can just log into his profile and find the link there under bookings. Most of the times, the email can be found in the spam section or was sent to another email of the customer who was looking in the wrong email account.

What should i do, when a customer can not book into a class?

If a customer can not book a class, make sure he has the correct product to book that class. You can also check the booking details of that class to see which booking groups are connected. Another reason can be, that the customer tries to book a class but the booking period for that class has already ended. This info can also be found in the booking details.

I have problems entering the link into the event.

Make sure there is no space(tab) before or after the link.
Usually the link will be sent to all participants 30 minutes before the class starts. We recommend to enter the link into that class at least 45 to 60 minutes before the start time.
If the link was entered later than that time, it can lead to a delay of link sending.

Mandatory password for zoom. Where do I insert it?

For data protection reasons, Zoom has introduced a mandatory password for all meetings. This password is encrypted directly in the Zoom link.

It is therefore enough to only store the Zoom link in FitogramPro. Your customers can join the livestream directly via the link without having to enter a password first.

In Zoom you should have activated (under Settings > Meetings) that the password is embedded directly in the meeting link

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