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Which advantages do the Connected Payment Methods offer?
Which advantages do the Connected Payment Methods offer?
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As consumers, we're used to making online purchases in almost all areas of life nowadays and are able to pay for them directly. 

It makes the online purchasing process easier for us and many customers no longer want to do without the option of direct payment. 

The automated payment methods offer the following advantages for customers and studios: 

  • Quick and easy payment processing for the customer

  • Studies show that there are fewer abandoned shopping baskets in online shops if the customer is given the choice between different payment methods

  • Better overview of the payment status of customers, as the payment status no longer has to be entered manually, but is marked directly and automatically in the software - e.g. successful payments are marked directly as paid in FitogramPro.

  • Unpleasant discussions about due payments can be avoided

  • Possibility to hedge against non-payment, as the customer pays in advance

  • Time saving through the automated process

Why is there a transaction fee for the automated payment methods? 

In order to be able to offer the automated payment methods and its advantages with all necessary security standards, we work together with an external payment service provider. They charge a fee for processing the payment, which we pass on to you via the transaction fee.
Nevertheless, the transaction fees for the automated payment methods are still cheaper than those for PayPal. 

Concrete example of one credit card payment: The transaction of your customer is 10€, you pay 0.46€ (Transaction Fee + VAT) on this transaction. Your Payout will be 9.54€.

Concrete example of SEPA Direct Debit: You have in total 100 transactions of 10€ in one week, means a total amount of transaction fees of 44€ (Transaction Fee + VAT) +  2,98€ (Fee + VAT) payout fees, means:

Revenues of the week 1.000,00€
Fees                                   46,98€
Total revenue (net)          953,02€

Time to insert a new payment manually in FitogramPro: 40 seconds

40 seconds x 100 transactions
 = 66.66 minutes  => time saved when you enable connected payments

Learn here how to activate the automated payment methods.

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