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Which fees are charged for the connected payment methods?
Which fees are charged for the connected payment methods?
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In Fitogram you can enable two (three in the Netherlands) different payment methods in order to provide your customers an automated payment-experience.

The first is via "Credit Card" payment method and the other is via "SEPA Direct Debit". For the dutch market there's also the opportunity to pay via "iDeal".
For each transaction with one of these payment methods two different types of fees get charged.

In the following we will show you which fees apply for each payment method.

For credit card

A distinction must be made here between European and non-European cards. The fees for non-European cards are generally higher than usual. 

Enclosed are the fees for each transaction:

1.4% + 0.25 € + VAT from each credit card transaction

2.9% + 0.25 € + VAT from each non-EU/AMEX credit card transaction

For SEPA Direct Debit

The first fee amounts to 0.2% + 0.35 € + VAT of each direct debit transaction.

For iDeal transaction (used in the Netherlands only)

For iDeal the amount for the first fee is 0.8% + 0.45 € + VAT of each direct debit transaction.

The second fee for the payments explained above is based on the total turnover generated with connected payments in one week.

For this purpose we will add a small table to explain it in the best possible way. The payout fee will be deducted from the total turnover of the following week.

A small example: If your customer bought a Credit pass for 10 € via a (European) credit card, the fixed fee will be 0,25 €, + 0,14 € (1,4 % variable fee). The first fee is 0,46 € (0,39 € + VAT) in total.

If you don't have any other payments via credit card in a week, the second fee is 1,50 €. Your total fee will be 0,46 + 1,50 € * 1,19 (VAT) = 2,24 €.

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