Why is my payout delayed?
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The payouts are always weekly and they go directly to your bank account.

But please note the following:

There is a certain delay between the payment provider Stripe and the house bank where the money should be transferred to. The payment provider sends a request to the bank for the payout of X amount. The bank in turn checks the whole thing and then confirms the corresponding transaction. This can take up to 5 working days.

Then the payment provider creates a Collected Withdrawal for the corresponding amount and transfers it to your bank account. 

Between the creation of the payout and the payout itself to the bank account, there is again a small period of time or a delay. 

Therefore, the payments under Accounting => Sales to see are not the same as the payments themselves.

However, there will be further payments to your bank account in the future even if they are not visible. This is due to the delay. 

With time, these intervals of the payouts will be smaller and the amounts will match more and more.

This is normal in the initial phase.

Here is an example to make it a little bit clearer:

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