You want to submit your app to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store?
Then you have the possibility to get your app checked, before you submit it to the stores.
In this pre-check the most important information gets checked before you send them to Apple or Google.
This will save you time, because possible missing information can be detected before they are going through the rather longer process from Apple and Google. 

To start the Pre-Check, you need to fill in either your data for the Google Play Store or the data for the Apple App Store. 

After you have done that, you can click the button "Pre-Check". Your app will now be send for a first Pre-Check.
This will take around 1 business day.
As soon as the Pre-Check is done, you will either get a list with things that need to be changed or you get the feedback that everything is okay. 

You got a list of things you need to change?
Then you can go through them, change the things that need to be changed and always click on the button "resolved", as soon as you changed it.
As soon as you clicked all the "resolved" buttons, your app will automatically be send in for another Pre-Check.
This again will take around 1 business day.
Take a look a day later and check if everything is okay now.
If not, you can either go through the list again or contact our support team directly to get more help.

Pre-Check is okay
If everything is okay you can now submit your app in the app stores. This can be done by clicking the button "submit". 

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