What shall I do if I cannot sign in? 

If you cannot sign in to your account on the app, it's either due to a wrong password (in that case reinitialize your password by clicking the button "Forgot password?") or you do not have a valid FitogramPro account (in that case, click on the button "sign up").

If you forgot your email address, please contact your studio. Your account is linked to your customer sheet in the studio and they can give you the email address you signed up with.
If you want to change your email address, you need to contact the studio as well. They can change it and send a new invitation to you. 

How can I change the calendar view?

You can choose to display the events of your studio as a list or as a weekly calendar as well as filter the events by clicking on the corresponding icon on the upper right corner of the online calendar.

Where can I see the terms and conditions? 

Click on your account in the right corner of the app and then click on "Privacy Policy".

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