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How do I purchase a Product online?

Memberships, credit passes, single fares can be purchased online thanks the online booking calendar powered by Fitogram.

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Do you want to purchase a product to exercise at your favourite studio but do not feel like booking a class yet? Follow those simple steps

  1. Go to your favourite studio's online calendar

  2. Click the button Offers on the upper right corner of the page

  3. Check the available products by enlarging the single categories and choose the one you would like to buy

  4. Click BOOKING

  5. You will then be able to see the details of your order on the right side of the page. Click CHECKOUT to proceed

  6. Log in to your Fitogram account by entering your credentials. If this is the first time you are using Fitogram, then choose Register on the lower section of 1. Your Data

  7. Choose the payment method among those available

  8. Accept the T&Cs as well as the privacy policy of the studio

  9. Click BOOK NOW

  10. Your purchase is confirmed! You will also receive an email of confirmation.

Good to know

The Offers page is an option that studio owners can decide whether to activate or not. If you do not see the corresponding button, do not panic. This only means that the option has not be activated.

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