How do I cancel a booking?

Are you unable to attend a class you already booked? Cancel your reservation online. It is pretty simple.

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  1. Go to your favourite studio's online booking calendar

  2. Login to your account: you will find a Log-in button on the upper right corner of the page 

  3. Enter email address and password and click LOG IN

  4. On the upper right corner of the page click the little arrow near your initials (or profile picture) and select Account

  5. Under Bookings, on the left side of the page, look for the event you would like to cancel

  6. Click Cancel event

  7. You will be asked to confirm the cancellation. Click on the corresponding button.

  8. The event is cancelled. You will also receive an email of confirmation.

Good to know

The possibility to cancel online a booking is an option that studio owners are given. They can select this option at their own discretion. 

If you do not see Cancel event it means that it is not possible to cancel online. In this case, please contact the studio owner.

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