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How can I activate the automated payment methods?
How can I activate the automated payment methods?

We now offer the automated payment methods 'credit card' and 'SEPA direct debit'.

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Activation of the payment methods:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Accounting > Payment methods

Step 2: Under ‘Automated payment methods’ click on ‘Credit card’ or ‘SEPA direct debit’.

Step 3: Select the company type:

  • Business Accounts: This must be a registered company with a legal form (e.g. OHG, AG, UG, GmbH, etc.). In this case, a corresponding document such as an extract from the commercial register or a business registration must be submitted and uploaded. 

  • Individual Accounts: These are smaller business or corporate structures. As a rule, these are sole proprietors or single-member LLCs.

Step 4: Fill in the required fields:

Please note when filling in the fields: Phone number: ‘+’, ‘Country code’ and ‘Phone number’ must be written without spaces (example: +49123456789)

Required documents:

Requirements regarding the verification of your identity:


Step 5: Click on Submit Application to save your entries.

Now the payment method is active and you will get your money directly transferred to your bank account once a week.

What fees are charged?

There are two types of fees that are charged.

The first fee is taken for each payment:

For credit cards:

1.4% + 0,25 € + VAT from every credit card transaction

2.9% + 0,25 € + VAT from every non-EU/AMEX credit card transaction

For SEPA direct debit:

0.2% + 0,35 € + VAT of each direct debit transaction

The second fee is calculated from your total turnover (per week). To make this fair for everyone, the fees change according to the amount of money you will be paid. 

The Payout Fee will be taken out of the next payout.

Where can I find my bills?

Click on Settings > Your Fitogram Pro account > Your invoices.

The invoices for the fees will appear along with your other invoices. 

They will be generated once per month and these will appear on the second of each month.  These invoices will have the prefix ‘CPF-’ (Connected Payments Fee)

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