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How can I book an event with Fitogram?

Is your favourite studio using Fitogram's online booking tool to manage its classes? Learn how to book your event!

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The online booking tool powered by Fitogram gives you the possibility to book independently your favourite classes, workshops and/or appointments with just a few clicks.

If you are a new customer of the studio

  1. From the studio's online calendar choose the event you would like to attend

  2. Click on the event. You will be redirected to the details of the event itself

  3. Select the product you would like to purchase among those available on the right 

  4. Click on NEXT

  5. Click on Register in the lower section of Your Data

  6. Create your account

  • Enter name, surname, email address

  • Choose a password

  • Accept the T&C and the privacy policy of Fitogram

  • Click on SIGN UP

  7.  Enter the additional information required by the studio (they may vary)
  8.  Select the method of payment to buy the chosen product
  9.  Accept the T&C and the privacy policy of the studio
  10. Click on PURCHASE

Your booking is confirmed! You will also receive a confirmation email, both for the booked event and the purchased product.

Good to know for studio owners: The newly created profile will be automatically registered in FitogramPro. You will find it under the submenu Customers.

If you are a returning customer and already have a Fitogram account

If you already registered on Fitogram and your account is connected with a valid product, booking an event is even easier!

  1. Choose the event you would like to attend

  2. Log in to your account: you can do it right away from the main page of the online calendar or after having selected the event

  3. Click on BOOK NOW

The following videos show you the steps you need to follow in each case:

Log in directly from the main page of the online calendar

Log in after you choose the event you would like to attend

Good to know: If your studio membership or credit pass has expired, you will be able to purchase a new product while booking the event.

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