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What's the difference of a Progressive Web App (PWA) and a native app (App in the App Stores)? 

  • PWA (Progressive Web-App) does not need to be downloaded from the App Store. She is directly accessible via an individual link in the browser. 

  • A PWA is always and directly on the newest version. 

  • Chat messages can also be send on a PWA. Push messages can only be send to Android Users not to iOS users. 

  • To be able to create and use a PWA the provider does not need to create Developer Account. This saves a lot of time and money.  

  • A PWA can be saved on the homescreen of the mobile phone and can therefore directly be accessed by the user. 

I don't have an Apple device. Am I able to create an Apple Developer Account without an Apple device?

  • No, without Apple equipment it is not possible to create an Apple Developer Account. You only need this account once for authentication. So you can also borrow a device.

I got the feedback that the JSON file is wrong. What can I do?

  1. Check access: probably you forgot to allow access to the JSON file. This is done after the creation of the JSON file. Check the last paragraph of this article and make sure to have followed all the steps illustrated there. 

  2. Check if the invitation and the JSON file are sent/created from the same account: make sure to login with the same email address that is entered in the account details of the Google Developer Account. Go to https://play.google.com/apps and click on settings > account details. The email address used here should be the same they entered as "Google login e-mail address". 

  3. Wrong roles chosen in GPD account: Please check if you chose the correct roles for the invitation and for the JSON file. For the invitation the role must be "administrator". For the JSON file the role must be "Release manager". 

I submitted an app to the Apple App Store on an individual account, but I got an email that the app got rejected. What do I do now?

Most probably the app got rejected because of guideline 4.2.6 . This means that it is not clear for Apple that the provider is really allowed to submit this app because they might not be the "real" owner of the business. 

Go to Apple Store Connect > My Apps.  You will have here the possibility to write an appeal to the rejection. You can use the following text: 

"The provider of the app [enter your app name] content is [your name] , the legal representative person (German: Gesetzlicher Vertreter). [Your business name]  is a single person business of [your name], the owner of the Apple developer account. Please see the website [your website] and attached file as a confirmation. Therefore the app was directly submitted by the provider of the app's content. Please review the app once again based on this information and publish it as soon as possible.

Best regards,

 [your name]

Please attach your business registration document (in German: "Gewerbeanmeldung") as well.

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