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Which Functions does the Dashboard offer?
Which Functions does the Dashboard offer?

Overview Dashboard

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Once you have registered with FitogramPro, you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you can find an overview.

Upcoming Appointments

Here are the planned and upcoming events for today’s date. If you want to see a specific date, you can change it above. The following information is visible for each event:

  1. Name and time of the event

  2. Name of the trainer

  3. Location where the event is taking place

  4. Number of confirmed bookings

  5. If an event has been cancelled, you will see a red bar with "cancelled"


Here are the dates of your customers’ next birthdays as well as the age.
Perhaps you have some special offers for the birthday boy or girl?

Last Bookings

Here you have an overview of the most recent bookings. You can see the name of the customer and which event they have booked. You can also check who made the reservation.

Recent Purchases

Here you can find out about the latest purchases, whether they are subscriptions, tickets, trial sessions or locally sold items (such as accessories or drinks).

Recent Cancellations

Here you can see which bookings were most recently cancelled. In this section, you can also check whether the cancellation was made online or by an administrator on-site.

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