If you want to delete a series of events from the calendar without losing the information, perhaps so you can use it at a later date, then you have the option to archive an event series.

Archiving the desired Event Series

  1. Go to Events from the dashboard
  2. Click on the event you want to archive
  3. In the top right corner next to the View/Edit Details button, select the "Archive" option from the dropdown menu which will open when you click on the box with a black arrow
  4. A window will open asking you to confirm the archiving of the event. You can also send an automatic email to customers who have already booked to inform them of the cancellation 
  5. Click on Confirm 

Good to know: The event will still be visible in the calendar by using the Archived filter.

The archived event series CANNOT be deleted in order to prevent you from losing important information about bookings that have already been made. However, you can delete individual appointments by clicking on the arrow to the right of the event name and selecting "Delete Event".

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