From the menu on the left, go to Settings and then click on your FitogramPro account.

Your FitogramPro Account

In this section, you can see the costs for the selected package.

You can change your package using "Update Package" in the middle:

  1. Click on "Update Package
  2. Select the package you want to change to and click on "Buy Now"
  3. Enter the required payment and billing information

If you want to cancel the current package and select a package with the lowest value or switch to the free version:

  1. Click on "Update Package"
  2. Click on "Downgrade to Free Version"
  3. Select the desired option


When you purchase a package with the customised app, you agree to fulfill the package for at least 12 months. Further information can be found in our Terms and Conditions. The Urban Sports Club Special package is only available to Urban Sports Club partners. Please contact us for details about this partnership. 

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