The integration between FitogramPro and Urban Sports Club doesn't synchronise all data and features which you may be using in FitogramPro. 

Waiting List  

Waiting lists are not currently supported in the USC app. If the event is fully booked, it will still be displayed in the USC app but can no longer be booked. USC members cannot place themselves on a waiting list either.

Cancellation Period

The cancellation period for USC members is based on the one you set in FitogramPro when creating an event under "booking details". If the deadline differs from the one agreed with your USC City Manager, we can no longer support it once the integration has been activated.

Also note:

Open sessions without a fixed start time: Open sessions (e.g. massages, wellness, open fitness studio or swimming) for USC users who are not bound to a fixed time can be figured on FitogramPro by creating a free training event; please note that the event will only be visible in the Urban Sports Club app.

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