How does it sound?

This is made possible by the new connection between FitogramPro and Urban Sports Club! All updates and changes made in your FitogramPro account (new classes, class changes, time changes etc.) will be visible automatically and immediately on the USC App and USC Website.

In addition, bookings by USC members for your classes will be directly made via the USC App or Website, and will show up instantaneously in your FitogramPro account. This frees up time spent managing USC members and allows you to plan ahead better by always knowing how many USC members will attend your class.

The benefits of the connection at a glance:

  • Synchronization of your classes in FitogramPro with your USC profile - after the activation all the classes that you have in FitogramPro will be synchronized automatically with USC
  • USC members can book your classes directly via the USC App - no more emails or setting up for USC accounts in FitogramPro necessary
  • All bookings and check-ins made by USC members will be synchronized with your FitogramPro account

Should you have any questions regarding the connection, you can contact FitogramPro ([email protected]) or Urban Sports Club ([email protected]) at any time.

When should the integration not be activated?

The integration between FitogramPro and Urban Sports Club does not synchronize all data and features that you might be using in FitogramPro. Due to this, we would advise you not to activate the connection if you currently use any of the following features in FitogramPro:

  1. Waitlist functionality for USC members wanted: Waiting lists are currently not supported in the USC-App. If the event is fully booked, this event will still be displayed in the USC App, but will no longer be bookable and USC members will not be able to sign up for a waiting list.
  2. Cancellation policy with USC differs from the one in FitogramPro: USC bases the cancellation policy for USC members on the “can cancel” window set in FitogramPro. If this window differs from the USC cancellation window agreed upon with your USC city manager, we will not be able to support the other window as soon as the integration has been activated at this stage.

We also do not recommend the integration if your venue relies on one of the following concepts and you want it to also apply for USC members:

  1. Drop-in concept: If you want to maintain a drop-in concept and do not require pre-registrations from USC members we would suggest not to activate the integration at this stage. When you activate the FitogramPro integration, the booking option will automatically be enabled for USC members, which means that they have to pre-register for all your classes.
  2. Open sessions without a specific start time: Free trainings (e.g. massage, wellness, open gym or swimming) for USC members who are not tied to a specific date are currently not supported by the integration. This means that after activating the FitogramPro integration, only classes will be displayed on your USC profile. If you offer a type of service that cannot be scheduled as a class, this will unfortunately not be displayed any longer.

If you are unsure about the use and application of any of these features and concepts please contact your Partner Account Manager via [email protected] before activating the integration in order to make sure that USC can support everything that is required for your venue.

When can the integration be activated?

If you don’t use any of the aforementioned features or concepts for your venue in FitogramPro and want to benefit from a seamless integration of your class schedule and bookings with USC, then you should definitely proceed and activate the integration.

Over the next couple of pages we will guide you through the process of how to activate the integration on your own and how to set up your classes to ensure that everything works seamlessly once the integration goes live.

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