This is made possible by the new link between FitogramPro and Urban Sports Club! Any changes you make to your FitogramPro account (new classes, course descriptions, time changes) are automatically and immediately displayed on the USC app and website.

In addition, bookings made for your courses via the USC app or website will be transferred directly to your FitogramPro account. This saves you time dealing with USC members and helps you to better plan. You’ll always know how many USC members will attend your events.

The benefits of this link at a glance:

  • Automatic synchronisation of your FitogramPro events with the USC app/ website
  • Automatic synchronisation of bookings and check-ins of USC members between the USC app/website and FitogramPro
  • Reduced administrative burden for USC members, as separate registration via email or telephone is no longer necessary

If you have any questions about the link, you can always contact FitogramPro ([email protected]) or Urban Sports Club ([email protected]) at any time.

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