Firstly, click on Products in the left hand menu and select “New product” in the upper right corner. In the mask that opens, enter the name of the contract and then select “Contract” as the product type.

The meaning of the fields is explained below:


Here you select whether the contract should be monthly, weekly, quarterly or yearly. This option then applies to the “minimum term”, thenotice period”, the price” (+frequency) and the “automatic renewal”.


Here you specify the price which should be paid according to the frequency you have set (e.g. €39 per month). You can also select the VAT rate that applies to you.

Minimum term (in months)

Specify the default length of the contract. The minimum term can be adjusted in the customer’s product later on.

Time limit

Here you specify whether the contract is to be temporary or not. If it is temporary, the options for the notice period and automatic renewal are no longer available.

Notice period (in months)

The notice period is the time to the end of the contract period by which the contract must be terminated. This is so that the contract is not automatically extended by the time period entered in the “Automatic renewal” field.

Automatic renewal (in months)

In this field you should enter the time period by which the contract will be extended if it is not cancelled.

Available in the online shop

Specify whether the contract is visible to your customers online. If you select “Yes” here, the fields for the product description and for the online payment option will open.

What should the description be for the online shop?

If the product is available online, you can add a description here that your customers will see when they buy it. For example, enter information about the validity or the number of units. If you have international customers, we advise that you select the British or French flag and translate the description accordingly.

Only allow online payments

Activate this option so that the customer has to select one of the payment methods that you have set in order to buy the product. If you select “No” here, the payment method “Pay later” will automatically be used.

Can a customer only purchase this product once?

Determine whether a customer can only purchase this product once.

Is there a registration fee for this contract?

Indicate whether there is a one-time registration fee for this contract. If so, enter how much it is.

Which text should be displayed for the registration fee on the invoice?

The registration fee is obviously on the invoice that the customer receives. In this field you can enter the name that this item should have on the invoice. For example, if the customer also pays for equipment at the beginning, you could change it to “Registration fee + equipment”.

Payment cycle

Here you define the cycle during which payment for the contract is due. If you select “Based on purchase date” here, the first payment will be due immediately. You also have the option to select a different time, such as the 1st, 15th or 30th of a calendar month or a specific weekday.

Which text should be displayed for the recurring fees on the invoice?

Adapt the text that appears on the invoice for the recurring fees. The default text here is “Membership fee”.

Booking rules

Specify which events can be booked with your product. Create a booking group in your booking rules and add your courses to it. You can find more information about the booking rules here. Once you have created a booking group, you can easily insert it into the contract below. Your product will then be linked to a list of events.

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